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Counseling for new and expecting moms

Therapy for pregnancy and postpartum

Being a mom is surprisingly hard. Most women are blindsided by the emotions, the ups and downs, the loss of their sense fo self. It’s hard to imagine before becoming a parent, just how much it will change your life. When your reality doesn’t match up with what you fantasized about, stress and sadness can become overwhelming.

As a mother of 3 children myself (2 biological and 1 step), I came to find that the journey toward parenthood is full of challenges at every new stage. What is more striking is that NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THESE THINGS! I was shocked to realize how much of parenthood doesn't get talked about. This is a major backbone of my work with new moms. I want to create a space where you can talk about it all; the good and the bad. I offer weekly sessions for you to come and explore your full experience as a parent. What is hard? What is joyful? What parts aren’t like you imagined they’d be?

The health of mom (and dad) has a huge impact on their relationship with your baby, and it impacts the way you are able to to parent. The more aware you are of your own internal thoughts and feelings, the better you will be able to help your child learn about theirs. I will provide a supportive space for you to find your way as a parent, I will encourage you to find and honor your intuition, and I will provide you with opportunities to learn new communication skills and coping strategies.

Having a baby is probably the most impactful event you will ever experience; there are joys and there are challenges. If you feel overwhelmed with pregnancy or new parenthood, finding someone to talk to might be the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. Even if you don't feel that you meet the threshold for PPD or PPA, talking to a trusted person can only make things better. 

I offer in office sessions, and I also offer in-home therapy if getting out of the house is a challenge. It can be hard to predict your baby’s schedule in those early days! Call or email me to find out more.