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Counseling for new parents

I specialize in couples therapy for infertility, and for new and expecting parents.

Couples facing infertility may find that their relationship is suffering due to the stress of the challenges they face. I want to support you and your partner in moving forward and working through these complicated and delicate issues so that you both feel happy with the choices being made together.

Also, new moms and dads often have a drop in their relationship satisfaction during the first year after a child is born. Having a baby changes every aspect of your relationship, your house, your communication, and your relationships with family members. Many people seek marriage therapy to help reconnect and fall in love with their new relationship post-baby.

WORKSHOPS: I am a certified Bringing Baby Home Educator. I offer workshops for new or expecting parents to strengthen their relationship with each other and with their baby. This is an evidence based, research tested program that provides structure for families to better cope with the transition to parenthood.

I also offer regular Marriage After Baby workshops for couples. These workshops last for 1.5 hours, and are a good introduction to positive communication, role changes, and tips for distributing tasks after the birth of a baby. Pregnant couples are encouraged to attend before their baby arrives, and parents of young infants are always welcome! Please contact me for an upcoming schedule.