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My passion is helping couples and individuals transition to their changing roles in parenthood, and supporting new mothers who aren't feeling satisfied after the birth of their baby.


- We might be a good fit if you want: finally take the steps toward health and healing. You are motivated to change! learn new communication skills to get the relationship that you want with yourself or your partner. in reconnecting with who you are as an individual so that you no longer feel swallowed up by your new role as a parent. learning to work with your partner to create the relationship you both deserve! in deepening your understanding of yourself, your partner, and your children so that you can be proactive and not reactive.



I work with individuals who want support in parenting, adjustment to changes in life, and fertility issues. I often help those who are struggling to adapt to parenting their children.

Are you struggling with infertility or complicated conception? Fertility troubles can bring up a lot of our inner beliefs about our bodies, our partners bodies, feelings about medical interventions, and our expectations about life and relationships. I'm an active and current member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. I specialize in infertility counseling. We can work together to address whatever is specifically causing you stress about the process and your journey.



Are  you planning to have children in the near future, or have you recently become parents? Becoming parents is hard on a relationship, but you can develop communication skills and learn about yourself and your partner, creating a strong relationship that will weather the storm. 

I also work with couples experiencing fertility issues who may find that their relationship is suffering due to the stress of the challenges they face. I want to support you and your partner in moving forward and working through these complicated and delicate issues so that you both feel happy with the choices being made as a couple. 


I am a certified Bringing Baby Home Educator. I offer workshops for new or expecting parents to strengthen their relationship with each other and with their baby. This is an evidence based, research tested program that provides structure for families to better cope with the transition to parenthood. Please click on the Bringing Baby Home link below for more info on this program. 




Mother's mental health matters! The health of mom (and dad) has a huge impact on their relationship with baby, and it impacts the way they are able to to parent. 

Having a baby is probably the most impactful event you will ever experience; there are joys and there are challenges. There is absolutely no shame in seeking support if you feel overwhelmed with pregnancy or new parenthood. Even if you don't feel that you meet the threshold for PPD or PPA, seek help. It can only make things better. 

Feeling tired and run down are normal during pregnancy and baby's infancy. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, irritable, unable to bond with baby, emptiness, deep sadness, hopeless, disconnected, like you are "going crazy", or like you want to escape, you may have a postpartum mood disorder. Please reach out to myself, another therapist of your choice, and/or your medical doctor. There are so many options for supporting new and expecting mothers!


If you feel like you may harm your baby, please immediately call 911. Don't wait another moment to get the support you need.