infertility support group

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Infertility support group

The journey toward conception can be a long and lonely road. Come and connect with other women, share your story if you want, explore your options, and have a place to find support from others who are on the same path.

You may have spent your adult life trying to not get pregnant. Now, as you start trying to have a baby, you have found that it isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. Every path down the road of infertility and complicated conception looks different. It can be confusing to understand all of your options, understand medical terminology, and make the best decisions for yourself and your family. It can feel lonely to attend the constant appointments to see your doctor, checking your hormones and progress. It can be disappointing when your body doesn’t respond the way you wish it would. It can be scary to make the decision to use IVF and schedule a transfer. Your partner might be supportive, but sometimes they don’t understand the roller coaster you are on; they don’t understand first hand what the hormonal shifts feel like.

A group of women is a powerful thing. They come together and each leaves more full, more enriched than they came. This group is a landing place for any woman who has found that having a baby can be really, really hard sometimes. This group is for people who want to come together, share their experience, listen to other’s experiences, and for women who want to find hope and connecting in a dark and lonely time. This group can be the bright spot of your month. It can be the place where you truly share your experience with others who get it.

Groups will be held monthly in Redondo Beach.

Group now forming. Call or email to be placed on the waiting list.