Couples consultation

After the birth of a baby, many couples find themselves unhappy. They aren’t communicating well, they don’t feel close anymore, and their relationship has been taken over by parenting. They lose intimacy. They don’t kiss or hug. When they talk, it’s all about the baby or chores. There is often resentment in one or both partners. The old relationship is gone, and the new relationship that has taken its place isn’t great. In some cases, there is a lot of arguing. You may even be so distant you are considering divorce. One thing is for sure, you are too busy to plan weekly session to see a therapist, you have few options for a babysitter to watch the baby, but you want relief fast.

If this sounds like you, we should consult. Call me for a free consultation call to see if we can make an intensive, in-home, consultation work for you and your partner. It may just save your marriage.

Consultation is for people who don’t want to, or don’t have time to commit to weekly in-office therapy. It is for people who are open to having someone evaluate their situation, identify areas that need work, and giving tangible solutions. It is for people who feel that they can manage to do some work to change their situation without a therapist checking in on them every week. It is perfect for new parents who want a tune-up in their relationship. It is great for people who want someone to offer experienced guidance.

I offer flexible packages tailored to your specific needs. Below is my base consultation package to give you an idea of what this service might look like for you.

1.5 hour IN-HOME assessment (I will assess your current functioning as a couple in your home environment) $225 value

1 hour writeup detailing my observations, suggestions, tools, skills, etc… for you to use $150 value

Appointment (in home or in office, I will present you with my findings and suggestions) $175 value

Email/Phone availability to ask questions or clarify (30 mins max) $75 value

1-month follow up appointment (in home or in office, we will meet after 1 month to check progress and fine tune) $175 value

This package is worth over $800, offered for $650.

This includes all travel time within a 15 minute radius. Additional travel fee will apply if outside of this radius.

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