Long before I was ever a therapist I started my journey toward becoming a therapist. I think it was in my blood from an early age. As a teen I always wondered about how people’s thoughts worked, why they behaved in the ways that they did. I spent my down time reading books about abnormal psychology and behavior. I spent my adult life in my own relationships that have absolutely colored the way I approach the work I do with couples. As everyone else, I had many relationships NOT work for various reasons until I found a relationship that REALLY worked. I spent time thinking through what went wrong in my relationships, exploring where we stumbled in communicating and how we became distant or unhappy. I realized how sensitive relationships really are. It doesn’t take much to throw them out of balance, and any big transition can really deteriorate the foundation.

As a new therapist I found a position in a high school where I provided therapy and crisis counseling to teens. It was here that I realized my greater purpose was going to be in couples therapy. I wanted to get to the heart of the issues going on between parents, the same issues I saw playing out in the teens I saw at school. I thought that I could be more helpful as a therapist if I were able to help people right in the beginning of the family building process, a time when there are so many transitions and changes that it’s impossible for most people to catch up. When a couple is struggling to conceive, or when a couple has recently had a baby, everything is up in the air. The communication is 100x more strained, both partners are going through their own emotional roller coaster, the roles and responsibilities are changing, and expectations of each other are monumental. This is when people really need support. If they can create a solid base even during this time of their life, they will have the skills to get through the challenges they face for the rest of their lives.

So here I was on my way to my life’s calling. And here I am now. I have a cozy office in Redondo Beach where I work with many couples who have just had a baby, I see lots of women struggling with infertility, and I offer groups to connect people so that they feel less alone, less isolated. We are all in this thing we call life together. Nobody is free of suffering, but maybe the suffering is more bearable when we have an army of people by our side.

About Me

I am a California native. I have lived in the South Bay area for most of the last 17 years and consider this my home. Most of my time out of the office is spent with my own children and family. We enjoy many of the activities, sights, and adventures that the South Bay has to offer. We hike, we eat at restaurants, we cook and eat together. I belong to professional organizations in my field and am active in following new development and trainings offered. I am a member of CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) at a state and local level. I am a member of ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and their smaller MHPG (Mental Health Professionals Group) which focuses on infertility.


BA in Clinical Psychology from California State University, Channel Islands.

MA in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Los Angeles where I took courses in trauma, LGBT+ studies, and spiritual & depth therapy.

Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator. In order to follow my true passion as a therapist, I completed this training to strengthening families and relationships of those couples having children.

Completed Terry Real's "Working with Men" training.

I am currently training in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy. RLT is a direct, short-term couple’s therapy that I feel will benefit the way I practice with couples.

I am certified by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine: Level 1 and Level 2 certificate Course for Mental Health Professionals for infertility mental health therapy.


My therapeutic approach is tailored to the needs of each individual client, but the roots of my training and life experience leads to a relational, attachment based, whole-person approach. It is within healthy relationships that we are able to grow and heal the most. The therapeutic relationship between me and my clients allows them a place to explore all aspects of their life, mind, and feelings, along with the support and guidance of my years of experience. It is through this very relationship that my clients see the most ability to grow. We spend time in the early days building trust and comfort, and once clients feel ready they open themselves to change and learning. I focus on teaching communication skills, encouraging self acceptance, boundary setting, and emotional regulation. I use humor where appropriate, and I offer acceptance of you wherever you are, whoever you are, and I will try to help you provide the same self-love for yourself. 



I currently work as a private practice therapist in Redondo Beach where I am able to follow my interest and work with my ideal client populations, individuals and couples experiencing infertility, pregnancy, or new parenthood. 

I am the Co-Director of the Mommy & Me program at The Mother Nurture Network in Redondo Beach, where I teach classes for all age groups birth-12 months. Please email me for information about these classes, or to find a group that fits your baby’s age group.

I offer workshops every other month for new and expecting couples called Marriage After Baby. In this workshop I teach essential skills to help ease the couple into the transition to becoming parents, while strengthening their relationship.

I previously worked for a child abuse agency where I saw individuals and children who were involved with Children's Services, as well as court-mandated clients. During this time I was offered the opportunity to work as a crisis counselor on a local high school and develop the mental health program with this school district along with 3 other colleagues from the agency. I saw high school students for crisis counseling, individual therapy, and group therapy, and developed a passion for working with teens.

I also worked in a community mental health setting providing in-home therapy services to low-income families in the LA and South Bay area.