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Becoming a parent is hard. There is no way around it. For some people it is a struggle to even get pregnant in the first place, and there is no doubt that once a baby arrives your life will change drastically. This transition to parenthood is one of the hardest times for many people. You are not alone if you are feeling a little lost, lonely, or overwhelmed. 
If you find yourself here, then you are ready to invest in building a better future.

Working with new, expecting, or hopeful parents is kind of my jam. If you choose to work with me this is what you can expect. I will work with you to develop your coping skills, increase your ability to communicate your wants and needs, and build your resiliency to face the ups and downs of your personal journey. You might become less reactive and more aware. You might find yourself able to think about your response to your partner or your child before snapping at them. You might be able to build your relationships instead of sabotaging them. You might even feel a sense of wellbeing and confidence in yourself. 

Call 424-488-9565 or email me at to start the journey toward healing, wholeness,and happiness.
My office is located in the Riviera Village in Redondo Beach, CA.